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Your New Lunch Spot


Introducing lunch at MJBarleyhoppers! Get ready to elevate your midday meal with our mouthwatering lineup of American favorites. Sink your teeth into our legendary burgers, savor the sizzle of perfectly grilled steaks, or opt for a slice of our mouthwatering pizza. And let's not forget about the classics – sandwiches stacked high with house-braised corned beef, and fish 'n chips so crispy, you'll keep coming back for more. 



Oh, and did we mention the smoke? Yeah, we've got our own meat and cheese smoker, folks. So when it comes to flavor, we're not just blowing smoke – we're bringing the real deal straight to your plate. Our beef patties? Hand-formed with love. Our sauces? House-made perfection, from ranch to blue cheese dip. And those Idaho Chips? They're swimming in a gorgonzola sauce that'll have you licking the bowl clean.

But wait, there's more! We're not just about the eats – we've got a killer selection of beer and wine to wash it all down. So whether you're craving a quick bite or settling in for a leisurely lunch break, MJBarleyhoppers has got you covered. Swing by and let us show you how lunch is done!

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